Quilting Descriptions and Prices

Many people send emails or call me asking about quilting prices.  While I can give you a really good estimate, the actual cost of quilting depends on what you want done to your quilt.  Here is a link to some photos of quilts I have done with examples of each type of quilting and the prices.
 What is each type of quilting?

Simple, overall designs (freehand or pantograph) start at $0.015 per square inch.  A typical twin sized quilt (72 x 90) would cost approximately $95 to quilt in this fashion.  Examples of this quilting include stippling, paisley, or leaf and flower designs.  There are many options available for this type of economical quilting.

More complex overall designs or a very dense pantograph take longer to comlete and  cause the price to increase a bit to $0.02 per square inch.   A typical twin sized quilt done in this fashion would cost approximately $120 to quilt.

Semi custom quilting includes SID around blocks or outlining appliques, separate border treatments, individual block designs, matching thread, and other details specific to the quilt.  This quilting begins at $0.03 per square inch and increases in price based on the complexity of the design.

Custom quilting is the most intense. It involves creating designs for each section of the quilt, using dense fills, trapunto, and other specialty techniques.  This type of quilting begins at $0.04 per square inch and increases in price based on the complexity of the design.  

I prefer to use wool, cotton blend, or quilt shop quality polyester batting.  It creates the prettiest stitches and prolongs the life of your quilt more than discount store bagged batting would. If you are unable to purchase this high quality batting, I have it available.

If you would like a quote on a quilting job, send a photo of the piece and a brief description of what you would like done to sweet_t_quilting@yahoo.com

I will sketch out some ideas and contact you about scheduling your quilting job. 

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